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From "Justin Harrison" <>
Subject Radio buttons and Embperl Validate
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 22:12:59 GMT

I am using Embperl Validation for form fields. One field has a set of radio
buttons, all with the same name, but different values. I'd like to ensure
that at least one of them is clicked. I am using this data structure for it:

	[-key => 'data',
  	-name => 'information type',
  	-msg => 'Please select the type of information you remember.',
  	required =>'1',	

But the corresponding javascript for it does not seem to be correct. Is
there some way to specify a group of radio buttons like that which I am

I also tried to use the "Email" type in another validation form, but the
error I received stated that it could not find Embperl::Form::Email (with a
capital M, as stated in the docuemntation at
_7 - Damn Outlook keeps changing the M to lower case!). Is it called
something else, or just not in this build?



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