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From Torsten Luettgert <>
Subject Strange problem with Embperl 2.0b9 + httpd 2.0.40
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 15:12:17 GMT

today I tried to migrate from Embperl 1.3.6 with apache 1.3.27
to apache 2.0.40-21.3 (from RedHat 9) plus mod_perl 1.99_09 and
Embperl 2.0b9.
First, everything seems to work well. I made a test page:

<html><body><h2>test page</h2>
   $a = localtime();
   print OUT "The time is $a, and you're asking for this the ".
             "$udat{'blah'}th time<br>\n";

   print OUT "Oh, and your udat is:<br>\n";
   require CGI;
   foreach (keys %udat) {
      print OUT CGI::escapeHTML($_)." -&gt; ".
<form method="post">
<input type="submit" name="action" value="Again">

It works on the first time, and also if I hit reload (the number
stored in %udat increases).

BUT if I hit the "Again" button, I get a 500, with the message

[Mon Jul 21 16:40:29 2003] [error] [9479]ERR:  24:  Error in Perl code:
Can't locate object method "READ" via package "Apache::RequestRec" at
(eval 38) line 6, <GEN0> line 2.!    * /var/www/html/index.ep

And now for the strange part. If take out the two CGI::escapeHTML's
(must be both of them, one's not enough) and just write

   print OUT $_." -&gt; ".$udat{$_}."<br>\n";

it works! With reload and the button and everything!
What am I missing here?

- Torsten LĆ¼ttgert <>

RedHat linux 9, with (self-built) kernel 2.4.21
perl 5.8.0-88, with perl threads disabled
mod_perl 1.99_09
Embperl 2.0b9
Apache::SessionX 2.00b5 sitting on top of
Apache::Session 1.54, with sessions stored
in files, with semaphore locking

LoadModule perl_module modules/

LoadModule embperl_module
PerlModule Embperl
AddType text/html .ep

<Files *.ep>
   SetHandler perl-script
   PerlHandler Embperl
   Options ExecCGI

Embperl_Log /tmp/embperl.log
Embperl_Debug 0
Embperl_Output_Mode 0
Embperl_Useenv off
Embperl_Escmode 0
Embperl_Input_Escmode 0

# 1=cookie, 2=als Parameter im hidden-Feld
Embperl_Session_Mode 1

#     16384: redirect stdout (to OUT)
#    262144: errors an Apache zurueckgeben
# 134217728: optShowBacktrace
Embperl_Options 134496256

# damit der Cookie (und damit %udat) site-wide gilt
Embperl_Cookie_Path /

DirectoryIndex index.ep index.html index.php

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