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From "Harald Becker" <>
Subject Access to %udat in
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 22:08:25 GMT
Hi list,

I want to compress the output of the calculated page with gzip. I
changed the with a few lines. There is no problem to compress
the output, But I also want to use the cookie session handling and I
cannot find a solution. Can I access the embperl cookie header or how
can I access the %udat to get the _session_id in

Which module exports the %udat hash ?
Or can I get the udat hash ref in Execute like the output string ?

One hint that I found in the mail-archive does not work:
%Embperl::Object::component -> param -> udat;

Thanks for any suggestion,
Harald Becker

I'm using Embperl 2.09.
Here is the changed

use Embperl;
use Embperl::Object;

my $rc = Embperl::Object::Execute ({ output => \$out }) ;

if ($ENV{"HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING"} =~ m/gzip/i) {
	require Compress::Zlib;
	my $gzip = Compress::Zlib::memGzip($out);
	my $len = length $gzip;
	binmode STDOUT;
	print <<EOF;
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-length: $len
Content-Encoding: gzip
Content-type: text/html

} else {
	print <<EOF;
Content-type: text/html


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