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From "Cameron B. Prince" <>
Subject RE: Modules not functioning correctly
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2003 20:49:34 GMT
Hi Justin,

You may know this already, if so, sorry... I'm using packages with my
Embperl project too...

To troubleshoot them, you can actually use Vim to run perl against them.

Open your package in vi or vim (vi is an alias for Vim on RH when it's
installed) and do the following:

Shift g (move all the way to the end of the file)
v (go into visual mode)
gg (highlight to the top)
!perl -wc -Mstrict (run perl on the highlighted portion)

This will replace your file's contents with the output of running perl on
it. So be sure to use u to undo it after you read it.

This may help you isolate problems that aren't visible when calling the
package with Embperl.

Good luck,

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