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From "Harald Becker" <>
Subject RE: Access to %udat in
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 10:12:19 GMT

> The problem is that when you come back from
> Embperl::Object::Execute %udat is already gone (saved to 
> session store). The only idea I have at the moment, in case 
> you need read only access, is to put the content you need in 
> some global inside your base template:
> $Session::myvar = $udat{myvar} ;
> and use that global in you (note to put it in a
> separete namespace to avoid auto cleanup)

Thank you. It works now.

But I've found some possible misbehave with the cookie management in
I've sent the cookie string myself and made a mistake (Set-Cookie: E:xxx
instead of E=xxx)
If I use the original and set EMBPERL_COOKIE_NAME to 'E' the
%ENV entry for HTTP_COOKIE is 

"HTTP_COOKIE" => E:375afe2130e5741a270b95ef27377d2d;

There are three session ids (thats ok), but Embperl cannot not extract
the session id for 'E' (the cookie management generates new session ids
every time I reload the page). It works fine if I not set the
I think Emberpl parse the cookie in a wrong way not /E=(.*?);/. It only
takes the last cookie var entry, that is EMBPERL_UID=...

Is there a trick to reset the cookie entry, so I can get rid of unused
cookie entries ?
Or must I do it in two steps (sent page with cookie expires yesterday
and reload page and sent correct cookie entry) ?


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