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From Angus Lees <>
Subject Re: ANNOUNCE: Embperl 2.0b9
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:11:39 GMT

I haven't tested on non-i386 archs yet, but:

there are zillions of compile warnings about "suggest parentheses
around assignment used as truth value" in the ExtUtils::XSBuilder
generated code and a few elsewhere (when compiling with
OPTIMIZE=-Wall).  I cleaned up these compile warnings with one of my
patches I posted a while ago (also included in the debian
libextutils-xsbuilder-perl package).  Gerald, I can repost these
patches if they got lost somewhere.

xs/Embperl/Req.xs gets errdat1, errdat2 and lastwarn accessors wrong.
 - it thinks they're type char (not char*) and the default value for
   "val" is NULL (which is wrong for a char).

Embperl::Req::Config::mult_field_sep assigns NULL to a char type too.
 - from memory, this was a simple change to ExtUtils::XSBuilder's
   null_type(), to teach it about "char".

CV* foo = epxs_sv2_SVPTR() gives an "assignment from incompatible
pointer type" (at least in Embperl::Req::Config::allow())

mod_embperl.c:417: warning: unsigned int format, pointer arg (arg 3)
 - I'm not sure what this sprintf is trying to do; left over

your recent additions to Embperl/Form/Validate/ seem to have not made
it into the released tar.gz (they're in CVS).

errgv_empty_set should return an I32 (not IV) to match struct ufuncs

  - nCodeLen might need to be initialised to 0

  - xNode might need to be initialised to -1 (if ArrayGetSize(a,pLookup) == 0)

 - Gus

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