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From Angus Lees <>
Subject Re: Permission denied in
Date Sun, 22 Jun 2003 12:51:22 GMT
At 19 Jun 2003 16:40:43 -0400, David J. Mark wrote:
> I had this problem and search for answers on the mail lists. I realized
> the issue was a permission issue, but couldn't figure out why it was
> happening.
> The cause of my permission error was that I had built the distribution
> as root on my server, then started up apache. apache runs as a non-root
> user, and effectively couldn't access the root-owned memory space that
> was used during the test phase of installation. My solution was to
> simply remove the temp files (or semephores if you were using shared
> memory to lock).

and because it isn't particularly obvious:

 to delete semaphores, you can use the ipcrm(8) command.

 use ipcs(8) to list existing semaphores and their permissions/owners.

 - Gus

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