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From Robert <>
Subject Re: Testing 2.x with production 1.x code
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 19:53:23 GMT
Excellent idea. Actually I hate adding more complexity and more bugs 
just for sake of backward compatibility, but a bit of compatibility 
doesn't hurt either. Especially if it can be compile time option or some 
such, so when you don't need it, you just flip the (make) switch and voila.

PS I'm hoping to move my 30+ (smallish) embperl site to v2 and report 
problems as they come, but unfortunately, Embperl 2 deosn't run on 
either on out systems :-( (Honza Kynzl already reported it)

- Robert

Neil Gunton wrote:

>Here's an idea: There seem to be two kinds of changes that have to be
>made to existing 1.x code in order to transition to 2.x. The first kind
>are changes which would still work under 1.x (for example putting
>brackets around the expression in [$ foreach $], or making [+ do { } +]
>for expressions which had more than one statement). Obviously those are
>changes that I am ok with making, because although they are necessary
>for 2.x, they won't break my site under 1.x. The other kind of change is
>the more worrying one - where I have to change the code in a way that
>breaks 1.x, e.g. the way I reference certain objects or methods. To take
>just one example, in my current site I call $req_rec->update_mtime() to
>set the modification time for the page, whereas in 2.x you have to have
>something like $req->apache_req->update_mtime(). This is different
>enough that it's worrying to go through all your code changing it,
>knowing that you'll just have to roll back if 2.x breaks for some
>So here's the question for Gerald: How hard would it be to include
>"compatibility" objects and methods so that code will work under both
>1.x and 2.x? So I could count on, for example, $req_rec being there in
>either version? I have no idea how many other little instances of this
>there would be, but it's just an idea. It would certainly make testing
>2.x much easier for people like me who already have large "production"
>installations of Embperl and need to test 2.x. without converting all
>their code immediately. I think anyone like me would be a little
>cautious about changing all their code to test 2.x, and then having to
>either change it all back again to go back to 1.x, or else develop some
>kind of complex merge that would quickly get out of date as new
>development is done.

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