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From <>
Subject Executing multiple files using embperl 2.09b
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 16:17:22 GMT

I have this structure:

in file index.epl
Execute ({inputfile => 'mainprogram.epl', package => __PACKAGE__});
Execute ($theeplsitepath.'skins/'.$skin.'/colors.epl');
Execute ({inputfile => $theeplsitepath.'includes/subs.epl', package =>

If inside file mainprogram.epl i try to execute other file like this:
Execute ({inputfile => $eplsite_path.'skins/'.$skin.'/blocksdef.epl',
package => __PACKAGE__});

The file blocksdef.epl can not access the variables, it iseems it is not
loaded in the same __PACKAGE__

It works fine with embperl 1.3.x.

I know that i can pass the values using params = shift;

But if i have a file to set constants(i use constants for the translation)
and i execute inside mainprogram.epl like this:
Execute ({inputfile => 'language/lang-'.$site_language.'.epl', package =>

The constants are not accessed by a subroutine in mainprogram.epl

Somebody know how can i do it works for embperl 2.09b?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Carlos Kassab

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