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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: Embperl 2.0b9
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 03:53:20 GMT

has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GR/GRICHTER/Embperl-2.0b9.tar.gz
  size: 654860 bytes
   md5: 3a4836d15100feb2bf9c37e9470a1d1d

While development has continued all the time, there was a long time no
release of Embperl, so it's really overdue.

This version fixes a number of bugs and adds a lot of enhancements. My plan
is to make the next release the final 2.0. So give it a try, so we can catch
as much problems as possible before.

Embperl is a system for building dynamic websites with Perl.
It gives you the power to embed Perl code in your HTML/XML documents
and the ability to build your Web site out of small reusable objects in
an object-oriented style. You can also take advantage of all the
usual Perl modules, (including DBI for database access) use their
functionality and easily include their output in your web pages.

Embperl has several features which are especially useful for creating
Websites, including dynamic tables, form field processing, URL
escaping/unescaping, session handling, caching, xslt transformation
and more.

See (english) or (german) for more information.



Changes since 2.0b8:

   - libxml now searchs through Embperl search path when includeing external
     so for example <xsl:include> directives searchs files the same way as
     does under Embperl::Object.
   - fixed typo in JavaScript code for Form::Validate reported by Axel
   - fixed typo in Embperl::Mail reported by Axel Beckert.
   - fixed small bugs in Embperl::Form::Validate test code reported by Axel
   - charcters 128-160 are now escaped in URLs to avoid problems with
   - fixed missing escaping of '/' in Embperl::Form::Validate JS routines.
     Patch from Axel Beckert.
   - fixed spelling: CACKE_KEY -> CACHE_KEY. Reported by Andre Landwehr.
   - URL escaping now fully conforms to RFC 2396. This mainly solves some
     where IE interpreted characters in URLs as UTF8.
   - Embperl::Form::Validate JavaScript code can now handle fieldnames that
     aren't correct JavaScript identifier.
   - Fix SIGSEGV when printing to Embperl::LOG before Embperl log file is
   - Fix problem when session id is given to Embperl, but session management
     was not setup
   - Added 'same' validation to check if two fileds have the same input
   - Fixed memory leak. Patch from Joshua Chamas.
   - Use MP_AP_PREFIX as source for APache 2. Patch from Paul Dyer.
   - Fixed a initialisation bug which caused under special conditions a
     when compiling a select tag.
   - Fixed compiler warnings and errors when compiling with Perl 5.8.0.
   - Replaced PL_sv_undef with ep_sv_undef (which is a copy of PL_sv_undef),
     because storing PL_sv_undef in a Perl 5.8.0 hash is treated as a
     and doesn't work as before.
   - Fixed problem with [$ sub $] when running under Perl 5.8.0.
   - Fixed problem when STDOUT is tied, because storage has changed in Perl
   - Fixed problem when single quote or backslash is inside of option or
input value.
     Bug reported by Saadiq Rodgers-King.
   - Added [$last$], [$next$], [$redo$] and documented [* next *] etc.
   - Readdeded missing MailFormTo and added test for it.
   - Fixed escaping inside of html attributes of Embperl generated tags like
     and [$ hidden $]. Reported by Axel Beckert.
   - checked and selected attributes are now correctly set when values
     entities (e.g. &lt;)
   - Fixed segfault when cleanup is called to early. Reported by Neil
   - If no name is given for a key, Form::Validate now tries to lookup the
     text via Embperl's gettext method.
   - Fixed problem with message ids that are Perl keywords. Reported by
   - Added EMBPERL_COOKIE_SECURE option to transfer cookie only over a
   - Added EMBPERL_OUTPUT_MODE that allows to change to XML output, which
     generated tags to contains a closing slash, so they are valid
   - Fixed make test to ignore different idention of newer versions of
   - Added server_addr to the request param object.
   - Keep spaces and newlines in <mail:send> tag.
   - Embperl::Mail now encodes all header fields that contains characters
     128 and 255. Use headerencoding parameter to turn of or tell Embperl
your charset.
   - Fixed mod_perl 2 detection when mod_perl is build with MP_INST_APACHE2.
   - Fixed problem with reseting $escmode, when using print OUT. Reported by
     David Hull.
   - Fixed compiling problem on FreeBSD.
   - Added function XML::Embperl::DOM::iSetText to change name of Tag.
     Requested by Yatin Chawathe.
   - EMBPERL_COOKIE_EXPIRES now again accepts relatives times like +2h.
   - now correctly takes config values from environment
     for application object.
   - Added -type => Integer, IPAddr, IPAddr_Net, FQDN_IPAddr, TimeHHMM,
     EMail and EMailRFC to Embperl::Form::Validate.
   - Fixed problem with [$var$] and select reported by Joshua Spoerri.
   - Embperl compiles and tests now correctly if mod_perl installed
     under Apache2 namespace.
   - Added tests for epform and subreq.
   - Added patch from David Hull, which let you specify the status-code
     when doing a redirect via %http_headers_out.
   - Fix SIGSEGV on sparc in cleanup. Patch from Angus Lees.
   - Apply patch from Angus Lees which avoids a lot of (harmless) compiler
   - %idat is now also populated for checkboxes and radiobuttons where no
     value in %fdat is found. This avoid duplicate submission of formdata
     when using [$ hidden $].
   - fixed memory allocation problem that had occured when mod_perl was
     staticly linked into Apache.
   - removed old Embperl 1 test files from distribution
   - corrected initialization of ap_filter_rec structure which had lead to
     segfaults when using the subreq parameter.

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