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From "MaurĂ­cio Amorim " <>
Subject Problem with %udat
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 00:34:17 GMT
Hi list,

I am having problems with %udat session.

I am using 
Apache-Session-1.54   and      Apache-SessionX-2.00b5     
with   - File                : File, use semaphore for locking and
          - FileFile           : File, use lockfiles

Using the configuration above, is security ?

I am using Embperl 1.3.6 with mod_perl 1.3.27, and i execute 
undef $HTML::Embperl::udat{$key} for delete keys in a session.
Is this the better form ?

My problem is that in some situation that i don't find , the %udat lost the key value
in %udat for the session.

Exist additional configuration in apache+embperl (httpd.conf) ?
I only install the 
Apache-Session-1.54   and      Apache-SessionX-2.00b5      and use %udat
directly in the program.

Anybody can help me ?
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