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From Robert <>
Subject Re: RH 9.0 RPMs - Query Results Question
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 10:36:40 GMT
Cameron B. Prince wrote:

>I have a page that has a single query... The problem is, the query produces
>several hundred, and in some cases, thousand results. In Interchange, there
>is a function called a more-list. It saves the results in the user's session
>and then produces links to additional results similar to Google. I need to
>duplicate this functionality with Embperl.
>Could anyone supply ideas or example code of how to do this?
You'll have to do it manually. If the query is fast, use Limit/Offset or 
equivalent otherwise Embperl::Session is your friend. And take a look at 
DBIx::Recordset. BTW, it would be nice extension to Recordset - Gerald?

- Robert

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