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From "Edouard Lagache" <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: Penguin Greetings 0.8.0
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 19:06:40 GMT
Dear Embperl types,

I thought I would share with you all my open-source project using
Embperl.  It is a web/email ecards application that uses Embperl to allow
content designers access to state and configuration information.  It is
also in the opinion of others "a very pretty application." :-)

Peace, Edouard :-)


Freshmeat announcement:

Penguin Greetings is a Perl CGI application to implement Internet
greeting cards on Linux and other Unix-based systems. It includes a
complete ecard Website with 20+ cards for users who want a "plug and
play" ecards solution. It is intended to make ecards more like email by
using multipart MIME email and including message text. The HTML for the
cards and the creation screens are stored in templates so that users can
completely customize the look of the program. Penguin Greetings
incorporates EmbPerl so that full Perl expressions can be incorporated in
to templates for server-side processing. Access to the card creation
functions can be optionally restricted to users in an htpasswd file to
avoid giving world wide access to your server. The emailing function and
data storage are carried out by a separate daemon program which allows
for cards to be mailed on specific dates and improves security and
logging. Extensive documentation is provided as well an example Website
that make full use of the EmbPerl scripting capabilities.

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