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From Paweł Niewiadomski <>
Subject Multiple checkboxes with the same name
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2003 13:22:05 GMT
I am using Embperl 1.3.4 in my website. I have the following problem:
Suppose I have the following page named checkbox.htm
      <form action="checkbox.htm">
	 1<input type=checkbox name=cb value=1><br>
	 2<input type=checkbox name=cb value=2><br>
	 3<input type=checkbox name=cb value=3><br>
	 4<input type=checkbox name=cb value=4><br>
	 <input type=submit>
Now once I select one of the checkboxes, after I have clicked on submit
the checkbox stays checked as expected. If, however, I select multiple
checkboxes they are cleared after the page has reloaded. Is it possible
to somehow eliminate this problem? Theoretically I could split $fdat{cb}
into some array and then put an [- if (found_in_array(x)) {$fdat{cb}=x}
-], where x is the value of the following checkbox before every one of
them, but that looks pretty messy.
I would be very grateful for your answers,

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