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From "Andrew O'Brien" <>
Subject RE: Progess message update on web page
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 00:26:06 GMT

> I also am new to Embperl, coming from cold fusion myself.  In 
> cold fusion there is a way to flush out all the output 
> generated so far to the browser, then proceed with processing 
> the page.  I think I read that Embperl has a similar 
> facility, though I'm not sure what it is.

If you want the output to be unbuffered (sent directly to the
browser) then you need to look at optEarlyHttpHeader

> But that would only work if you were appending to what was 
> already there, like "1000 operations..." then underneath it 
> "2000 operations..." etc.  But since you are wanting to 
> *replace* one existing phrase with another, my instinct is 
> that you would have to put the phrase in a DIV.  Then, when 
> you want to change the phrase, output javascript that runs 
> immediately which swaps out the existing DIV with a new DIV.

This is an approach that should work, and something I'm sure
I've used in the past.

Andrew O'Brien
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