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From Kee Hinckley <>
Subject eval and Execute and subs
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:26:47 GMT

$obj = Execute({ object => $file });
try {
} otherwise {
	$this->Error(0);	# $this is the ref to this page object
	handle error

This doesn't work.  The page still returns with an error value, and 
my handler in the EmbperlObject template sees the error and handles 
it internally.

Here's my object template.

         my $rval = Execute({ inputfile => '*', errors => \@errors, 
options => HTML::Embperl::optReturnError}); 
if ($rval || @errors) {
             Execute("$ENV{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/error.html", $rval, @errors);

What can I do to clear the error so that won't be executed?

On a slightly different topic.  { object => $file, isa => $otherfile 
} did not do what I expected.  I thought it would make $file a 
subclass of $otherfile, but  it does not seem to.  I had to do an 
Execute({ isa => $otherfile }) in each of the subroutines in $file.
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