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From "Alexander Hartmaier" <>
Subject connect to db using an imported .epl file
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 15:19:35 GMT

Hi list!

I've got a file called 'nacadminlib.epl' which is imported using

  use strict;
  use nactools;
  Execute ({ inputfile => 'nacadminlib.epl', import => 1 });

in every of my .epl pages.

Now I want to open my database connection there instead of doing this in every
.epl seperatly.

I added the following lines to my nacadminlib.epl file:

  $dbh = connectdbnacweb();

How can i export this var or/and how can I access it from the .epl pages???

I tried

  use nactools;
  use vars qw($dbh);

but this doesn't work...

THX Alex

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