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From Dimka <>
Subject Re[2]: EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE (? saga continues :-( )
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 21:08:22 GMT
EL> Alas, this didn't change as much as I would have hoped.  Now my httpd.conf
EL> file is being happily used, but my declarations are still being ... ignored 
EL> :-( Observe:

EL> [Thu Mar 20 11:57:06 2003] [error] [28298]ERR:  404: : Not found '_base.epl', searched:

EL> [Thu Mar 20 11:57:06 2003] [error] Embperl::Object base _base.epl not found. Searched
'/home/httpd/htdocs' and '' 

EL> I've attached my latest httpd.conf file snippet.  Does anyone else see some 
EL> other obvious stupid mistake that was desperately struggling to come 
EL> out from my last mistake? :-)


You have to set in your apache conf file "Embperl_UseEnv on".
p.s. This must be outside of "Directory" tag.


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