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From Edouard Lagache <>
Subject Re[4]: EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE (Solution!! :-)
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2003 00:43:29 GMT
Dear Embperl folks, 

Thanks to Gavin, Jaak, and Tia for all their support and patience.  So
the solution for my apache httpd.conf file was to (for anyone
searching the list with this problem:)

# Include the Embperl shared library
LoadModule embperl_module modules/
# Turn on Embperl Environment
Embperl_UseEnv on

# Now within the directory where you are working
<Directory "/www/mydir">
    # Assign an application name for your web environment
    EMBPERL_APPNAME My_app_name
    # only NOW can you assign this file!! :-)
    EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE My_base_obj.epl.html

Thanks again!

Peace, Edouard :-)

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