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From Edouard Lagache <>
Subject Re: EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE (? saga continues :-( )
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 20:09:19 GMT
Dear Emperl folks,

Thanks Jaak!  Indeed I didn't have loaded.  (How did I manage to
get this far without that?!?!? :-)

Alas, this didn't change as much as I would have hoped.  Now my httpd.conf
file is being happily used, but my declarations are still being ... ignored 
:-( Observe:

[Thu Mar 20 11:57:06 2003] [error] [28298]ERR:  404: : Not found '_base.epl', searched: 
[Thu Mar 20 11:57:06 2003] [error] Embperl::Object base _base.epl not found. Searched '/home/httpd/htdocs'
and '' 

I've attached my latest httpd.conf file snippet.  Does anyone else see some 
other obvious stupid mistake that was desperately struggling to come 
out from my last mistake? :-)

Thanks again to all!!

Edouard :-)

#### ModPerl Configuration ####
# Add the Mod Perl module
LoadModule perl_module modules/
LoadModule embperl_module modules/
PerlModule Apache2

# PerlModule Apache::compat

PerlModule ModPerl::Registry

# Workspace for Perl development
Alias /perl/ /home/httpd/perl/
  <Location /perl/>	
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry
      PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
      Options +ExecCGI

###  EmbPerl declarations
PerlModule Embperl

AddType text/html .epl

<Files *.epl>
	SetHandler  perl-script
    PerlHandler Embperl
    Options     ExecCGI

# Setup EmbPerl handler for Object oriented example for main page.
<Directory "/home/httpd/htdocs">
	EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE CanebasTemplate.epl
	EMBPERL_LOG /var/log/httpd/embperl.log
	<FilesMatch ".*\.epl\.html$">  
		Options All
		AcceptPathInfo on
	    AllowOverride All
		SetHandler perl-script 
		PerlHandler Embperl::Object 
	<FilesMatch ".*\.epl$">  
		Order allow,deny 
		Deny From all 

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