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From "Edouard Lagache" <>
Subject PerlSetEnv EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE (??)
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 18:11:28 GMT
Dear Embperl fans,

After getting one web site settled out on Embperl, I graduated to
Embperl::Object for my main Canebas web site - Ooh, I like this!! :-)

A minor glitch that I couldn't find in listserv archives though.  Just
setting the EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE environmental variable in the Apache
configuration file seems to have no effect.  If I instead just use
_base.epl as my base object everything is happy as a clam, but it would
be nice to choose my own file name.  Is this just a bug on the "low
priority fix it" list or is the example in the Embperl documentation obsolete?

Thanks to Gerald and friends for such a cool toy! (err, tool :-)

Edouard :-)

P.S.  Just to lay out the parameters completely, the affected part of
httpd.conf is:

# Setup EmbPerl handler for Object oriented example for main page.
<Directory "/home/httpd/htdocs/prototype">
  PerlSetEnv EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE template.epl
	<FilesMatch ".*\.epl\.html$">  
		SetHandler perl-script 
		PerlHandler Embperl::Object 
		Options ExecCGI 
	<FilesMatch ".*\.epl$">  
		Order allow,deny 
		Deny From all 

and the entry in the Apache error log is:

[Mon Mar 17 09:50:45 2003] [notice] Apache/2.0.44 (Unix) mod_perl/1.99_08
Perl/v5.8.0 configured -- resuming normal operations
[Mon Mar 17 09:50:53 2003] [error] [6338]ERR:  404: : Not found
'_base.epl', searched: 
[Mon Mar 17 09:50:53 2003] [error] Embperl::Object base _base.epl not
found. Searched '/home/httpd/htdocs/prototype /home/httpd/htdocs' and

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