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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: binary build of Embperl for Win32 Apache2
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 07:10:36 GMT
On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Peter Pan wrote:

> Gerald,
> Thanks for the response. Certainly some way or else can work it
> around. As you and all of us in the mailing list know that
> Empberl is the best server scripting tool ever seen. Isn't it
> possible with a little more efforts to make its installation
> less painful so that I don't need to compile any (Apache)
> source code?

This being a beta version, one can't expect everything to work.
This is especially true on Win32, which often requires quite a
bit of changes, compared to Unix, on the C side to make it
compile. And also, Apache 2 is a major non-backwards-compatable
upgrade from Apache 1.3, which requires further work. I think
Gerald has done a heroic job in getting Embperl this far on Win32
and Apache 2, and it's probably very close ... If you have some
time, the more people working on it, the faster it'll go ...

best regards,

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