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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: binary build of Embperl for Win32 Apache2
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 06:57:36 GMT
On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Gerald Richter wrote:

> When you get asked for ApacheCore.lib, anwser with the full
> path (includeing filename) to libhttpd.lib e.g.
> C:\Programme\Apache2\bin\libhttpd.lib
> then it should work, but I didn't have tested it yet

I tried this, and it started compiling OK, but then there
were a couple of problems (this is on Embperl-2.0b8, with
ActivePerl 8xx and Apache 2.0.43) ....

- epinit.c and epio.c both couldn't find errno - I defined
errno as (*_errno()) (as in Win32's errno.h) , just to get past 

- in the ProviderApOutFilter_Callback function in epapfilter.c,
Win32 didn't like the apr_bucket_read() call at about line 218;
it complained about the wrong number of arguments to PerlIO_read.
I commented this call out, which isn't the right thing to
do, but just to get past this;

- the compilation succeeded, and after adding in by hand
libapr.lib and libaprutil.lib, everything linked fine.

However, in running the tests, an unhandled exception in 
the perl58.dll occured for the first test (an access violation)
in off-line mode. The same thing occurred with and without 
libxml2 support.

In trying to run the tests under Apache, a similar access
viloation occurred - there were a few things needed beforehand
to get it to this point though -
- in, insert a 'use Apache2' at around line 69,
for use under mod_perl 2,
- in test/conf/httpd.conf.src, comment out at about line 100
the LockFile directive,
- in test/conf/, insert a 'use Apache2' at around
line 34, for mod_perl 2,
- in blib/arch/auto/Embperl/, copy Embperl.dll to,
- in Makefile.PL, at around line 71, change the 'name' 
associated with mod_actions.c to 'actions_module'

best regards,

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