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From "Kaare Rasmussen" <>
Subject Serve pdf files.
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 15:12:11 GMT
I would like to serve some pdf documents with Embperl. I don't want Apache 
to do it if I can avoid it.
I can't just put "$http_headers_out{'Content-Type'} = 'application/pdf';"  
at the top; this is in the middle of an EmbperlObject page that has more 
work to do. 

Solution 1. Open a window with JavaScript. Write to the window with one or 
more window.document.write statements.
Backdraw: A lot of effort has to be put into escaping pdf characters that 
could annoy JavaScript
Solution 2: Put the file somewhere where I can use an URL.
Backdraw: I have to maintain some kind of temporary directory and unique 
file names.
Solution 3: EmbPerl will help me somehow 

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