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From Yatin Chawathe <>
Subject Extending HTML syntax
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 16:48:34 GMT

I am trying to create a new HTML tag <EPIMG ...> to be interpreted by
Embperl as follows:  I want <EPIMG SRC="foobar.gif" otherattrs=blah...>
to be replaced with:
  <IMG SRC="foobar.gif" WIDTH=x HEIGHT=y otherattrs=blah...>

I have the following code in a subclass of Embperl::Syntax::HTML which
almost gets me there:

    $self->AddTag('epimg', ['width', 'height'], ['src'], undef,
		      perlcode => 
       'my ($w, $h, $src); 
        $w = %&width%; 
        $h = %&height%; 
        $src = %&src%;
        if (!defined $w && !defined $h) { 
            ($w, $h) = my_own_func_to_get_img_dimensions($src);
            _ep_sa(%$t%, %$x%, "width", $w);
            _ep_sa(%$t%, %$x%, "height", $h); 

This gets me 90% of the way there.  It adds the WIDTH and HEIGHT
attributes to the tag (if they don't already exist).  But I can't figure
out a way to replace the EPIMG label with IMG.  Any suggestions that
someone may have would be appreciated.

Another way I thought of doing this was to use _ep_rp() to replace the
entire <EPIMG...> tag with a newly constructed <IMG...> tag.  But I
can't figure out a way to automatically copy all of the "otherattrs"
mentioned in the EPIMG tag into the new replacement tag without having
to specify an exhaustive list of all possible "otherattrs".  For
example: _ep_rp(%$x%, "<IMG SRC=\"$src\" WIDTH=$w HEIGHT=$h
BORDER=%&border% ALIGN=%&align% onClick=%&onclick%
onMouseOver=%&onMouseOver% .......")

This is something I would like to avoid.  Am I missing some obvious API
that would allow me to add some simple code to my earlier piece of
perlcode to replace the tag name EPIMG with IMG?


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