This didn`t work but I found the answer thanks to a tip by another member of this list.

[- $req->{msg} = "some test <br> some more text"; -]
[+ do { local $escmode = 0; $req->{msg} } +]

This works.  See... I just needed  a good kick in the *ss to get me going.


On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 17:10, jose Luis Hernandez wrote:
On 22 Jan 2003, Farouk Khawaja wrote:

very simple

$req->{msg} = "some text \\\<br\\\> some more text";

> Hi all,
> I'd like to do the following
> $req->{msg} = "some text <br> some more text";
> Unfortunately the '<br>' is not breaking.  It's just getting displayed. 
> The HTML output looks like '&lt;br&gt;'.  Any ideas on how I can
> accomplish this... or if this is a dumb way to go about this.
> I've tried escaping like so "\<br\>" to no avail.
Farouk Khawaja <>
Instinet Corporation