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From "Jim Hall" <>
Subject Display using array ref of NULLs in dynamic table
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 05:54:24 GMT

After selecting a set of data using the following:
   $dat = $sth_rte_sel -> fetchall_arrayref;

and then attempting to display in a table:

<tr bgcolor="[+ $row % 2 == 0?'#ffffc6':'#ffe7c6' +]">
    <td>[+ $dat->[$row][1] +]</td>
    <td>[+ $dat->[$row][3] +]</td>
    <td>[+ $dat->[$row][4] +]</td>
    <td>[+ $dat->[$row][5] +]</td>
    <td>[+ $dat->[$row][6] +]</td>
    <td ALIGN=Center><INPUT TYPE=Submit Name="TEdit[+$dat->[$row][2]+]"

I'm finding that if a record contains a field with a NULL value then
the whole record is not displayed.
Is there a way of turning off this behaviour?



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