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From "Ville Jungman" <>
Subject At last the session handling is working
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 23:16:01 GMT

At last I got the session(X) handling and %udat working after several _days_ 
of cpanning and perl module examining (not easy because I'm very new linux 
and perl user).

The solution was very easy: I just added (and chmoded) directories 
/var/sessions/ and /var/lock/sessions/ like written in Also 
I have to add http-daemon to store sessions via Apache::Session::File (or 
"use Apache::Session::File" in perl).

I had the same problem with other machine too. Both have RH8.0. Could it be 
better that when using %udat, you could read from /var/log/httpd/error.log 
what is the reason for this in straight english? I think the Embperl is 
great! but almost useless if session handling is not working.

Someone else in this list had problems with session handling, too. Hope this 
will help he/she or someone else who has problems with %udat's later.

ville jungman, ulvilantie 3 b 11, 00350 helsinki, finland
tel. + 358 - 9 - 225 4482 ,
usko Herraan Jeesukseen, niin sinš pelastut. (apt. 16:31)

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