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From Hoenie Luk <>
Subject $fdat not working when using POST
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:23:07 GMT
I have been developing an embperl page on my local Windows machine with 
Apache 1.3.6 installed. It has a button named "enter" and when pressed, the 
form pass the query strings by POST method to the same page, and I can 
detect a value in $fdat{enter}. So everything is working fine.

Then I ftp the page to my web host running Linux and Apache. All of a 
sudden, $fdat{enter} is always undefined even when the button is pressed. 
In fact, %fdat is always empty. So the same page reload as if it was 
accessed for the first time.

I did find that if I change the method to GET, then the $fdat works again.

BTW, %udat works normally on the web host (using MySQL for storage and 
locking; Apache::SessionX installed)

Now I would like POST to work on my web host, too, when the strings are 
long. What could possibly cause this problem? Where should I look? (There 
are no errors in the error log).



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