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From "Kaare Rasmussen" <>
Subject <TR> as outer block (and recipes)
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 13:02:13 GMT
I know this may be a stupid posting, because I've touched the topic before. 
But I keep running into this problem and I think I remember that you 
(Gerald) told that you would fix the problem I reported (rows with <TH> 

I've written some sub routines to handle data list and data entry tables. I 
need this construction a lot of the time: 

 some <th> cells
[$if something$]
 <td> for @data1
[$elsif some other thing$]
 <td> for @data1
 <td> for @data2
 some fixed rows at the end

So obviously I'd like the tags <tr></tr> to be the enclosing entity for 
which a recurring action shuld take place. At least as an option. 

Another options is of course to program it myself in Perl, but I like to use 
the power of the tools I work with, and automatic iteration is one of 
Embperls strength. 

(Maybe) on another note, I'd like to know more about how to use recipes. Or 
rather: For what. Obviuosly it's a very nice solution. But I can't figure 
out for which problem. Will I be better off using a recipe than the above 
mentioned subroutine components? 

Right now I find data in my epl files and then I pass it on together with a 
hash containing information about how to display and process the fields to a 
subroutine. Getting back from this subroutine I call the update routines. 

Will recipes be a better way and if so, why? If not, where can I put recipes 
to good use? 

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