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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: <TR> as outer block (and recipes)
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2003 21:26:15 GMT

> I know this may be a stupid posting, because I've touched the topic
> But I keep running into this problem and I think I remember that you
> (Gerald) told that you would fix the problem I reported (rows with <TH>
> cells).

I have put some work into it and found out that it is much more complicated
than I have expected, but I still plan to implement it. Hopefully it will be
in 2.0b9, but I can't promise...

> (Maybe) on another note, I'd like to know more about how to use recipes.
> rather: For what. Obviuosly it's a very nice solution. But I can't figure
> out for which problem. Will I be better off using a recipe than the above
> mentioned subroutine components?
> Right now I find data in my epl files and then I pass it on together with
> hash containing information about how to display and process the fields to
> subroutine. Getting back from this subroutine I call the update routines.
> Will recipes be a better way and if so, why? If not, where can I put
> to good use?

Receipes are basicly good for doing a kind of filtering or transformation of
the source. The most obvious example is doing XSLT transformation. For
example you can use a POD files as input (maybe with Perl init), Embperl
transforms it to XML and then you run an XSLT transformation to get HML. The
idea is, that you can run other transformation, for example to get PDF (that
not implemented right now, but I am working on it).

I am currently updating the website, on thing that is already online is my
talk of the ApacheCon, which gives you some ideas of receipes and how the
Embperl website uses them, take a look at


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