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From "Carlos" <>
Subject relative path is not working to load files
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 19:24:34 GMT

Thanks to reply my email about Loading a file from a different directory tree using execute.

I am not using EmbperlObject.
>You can pass relative paths to Execute, >like '../some/other/page.epl'

I have tried using relative path but still does not work.

My problem is: 
> Do you know how to load a file with execute from a different directory tree?
> i have a folder modules/Recommend/recommend.epl
> and other folder includes/subs.epl
> folders subs and modules are at the same level.
> if i try to Execute ('../subs.epl') from recommend.epl
> I get the message :
> [2507]ERR: 30: recommend.epl(20): Not found includes/subs.epl
> Do you know how can i load the file subs.epl without copy it to
> modules/Recommend?

Somebody knows other way to load the file?

Thank you in advance for you help

Carlos Kassab

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