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From Carlos Kassab <>
Subject subroutine not found in the same file...please help
Date Sun, 29 Dec 2002 16:40:58 GMT

I have a file called recommend.epl

at the beginning of the file i have

[$ if $option eq "sendmail" $]
	[- &sendrecommend; -]
[$ else $]
	[- &disprecommend; -]
[$ endif $]

and under this i have the subroutines:

i am posting here only sendrecommend:

[$ sub sendrecomend $]



delete $fdat{fromname}; delete $fdat{frommail}; delete $fdat{toname};
delete $fdat{tomail};
delete $fdat{module}; delete $fdat{option}; delete $fdat{mpath};

$message = "Hola ".$toname."\n\nTu amigo(a) ".$fromname." te recomienda
visitar el sitio ";
$message .= "\"".$sitename."\" ".$eplsite_url;

MailFormTo ($tomail,$message,'email'); 



<center><font class="content">La referencia a nuestro sitio a sido
enviada a [+$toname+]...<br><br>Gracias por

[- &CloseTable; -]

[$ endsub $]

but sometimes i get the error:

[3904]ERR: 24: Error in Perl code: Undefined subroutine
&HTML::Embperl::DOC::_7::sendrecommend called at
modules/Recommend/recommend.epl line 36.

Do you know why?

Please help me....

Thank you in advance.

Carlos Kassab

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