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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Session and redirect oddity
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 05:29:11 GMT
> I had an EMBPERL_COOKIE_PATH entry in the httpd.conf and I changed to
> reflect the specific sub directory as well just in case that was the
> issue, but the problem persists.  All the pages of the application
> (site) are are in the same directory and %udat works correctly on all
> the other pages.

You may try to change it to /, just to be sure...

> I am wondering now if Embperl flushes the udat values if the page is not
> completely rendered before a redirect or if that is at least the case in
> this instance.  Is there something I send before the redirect to ensure
> the session values hold?

> How does a redirect and/or an http_headers_out effect udat, primarily if
> they used on the first page visited prior to a full page being rendered?

This should work. How does you code looks like?

> In looking through the source I noticed that has no
> SetupSession currently, just out of curiosity how or when would that be
> important?

The session handling is done in the C part of Embperl.

You may set dbgSession in EMBPERL_DEBUG and watch your embperl.log file. It
should show you when a session is created and when  a cookie is send to the


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