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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Form::Validate hang/leak
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2002 20:11:54 GMT
> As soon as I specify more than one or two tests the apache child
> begins to fill my memory quite fast and spams my browser with
> megabytes of output while doing so, which effectively forces me
> to kill both of them. I tried with Embperl 2.0b8 and with
> yesterdays CVS, the behaviour is identical. Whether that error occurs
> seems to be partly dependant on the data I enter into the
> form (correct data -> normal operation, incorrect data -> bug).

I have taken your code and run it here and didn't get any problems. Could
you try to check out the newest CVS version and run make test. make test now
includes code to test this. Does make test work for you? Does your code
still fail when you use it? If yes, take test/htmp/epform.htm and see if it
works for you. Does it?


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