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From Kee Hinckley <>
Subject @ISA corrupted
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2002 02:11:36 GMT
Embperl 1.3.3.  Was anything changed between that and 1.3.4 with 
regards to this error?  I see references to it in earlier versions, 
but not since then.  I just upgraded the site and I'm getting this a 
lot.  I'm about to update it to 1.3.4, but since the error is random 
it would be good to know whether that was a real fix, or whether just 
rebooting the server fixed it for now.

@ISA corrupted HTML::Embperl::Req must be a base class of 
HTML::Embperl::DOC::_50 at 
/usr/home/nazgul/perl/i386-freebsd/HTML/ line 875.
[Sat Nov  9 02:07:33 2002] [error] Can't locate object method "Path" 
via package "HTML::Embperl::DOC::_50" at 
/usr/home/nazgul/perl/i386-freebsd/HTML/ line 878.


Kee Hinckley - Somewhere.Com, LLC

I'm not sure which upsets me more; that people are so unwilling to accept
responsibility for their own actions, or that they are so eager to regulate
everyone else's.

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