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From Cameron McBride <>
Subject Re: I admit....
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2002 05:07:50 GMT
On Sun, Nov 24, 2002 at 11:01:15PM -0500, David Williams wrote:
> I admit that my legacy embperl code really sucks. Unfortunately there's
> thousands of lines of it and I have angry customers who are waiting for the
> upgrade to be complete, so I am asking for something more than criticism of
> old code... Is there a way for my old crappy code to work under Embperl2c
> and Apache 2.0x?

well, I must say - thats a gutsy thing to do.  Upgrade a production
server to yet unreleased CVS versions of processing code.  Nice.
Actually, I was thinking of doing the same - just haven't gotten there
yet.  ;-)

If you don't need the HTML munging, you might be able to avoid the
problem by turning it off.  In 2.0b (Embperl) you can choose syntax.

Snippit from the README.v2:
syntax / EMBPERL_SYNTAX / [$ syntax $]

Used to tell Embperl which syntax to use inside a page. Embperl comes with
the following syntaxes: 

    - EmbperlHTML       # all the HTML tags that Embperl recognizes by default
    - EmbperlBlocks     # all the [ ] blocks that Embperl supports
    - Embperl           # (default; contains EmbperlHtml and EmbperlBlocks)

So in the configuration file (httpd.conf or however), enter a
'EmbperlBlocks' for the EMBPERL_SYNTAX.   (it defaults to 'Embperl')

This might work as your first email suggests that dynamic content is
fine.  If you need HTML munging, perhaps a proper value for escmode
might do trick.

Hope it works out!


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