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From Jochen Topf <>
Subject Re: HTML mangling and XML
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 17:09:13 GMT
On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 08:19:55AM -0800, Jarrod Stenberg wrote:
> > I am using Embperl-2.0b8. I am feeding
> > (X)HTML/Emberl-Code through a XSLT
> > stylesheet. This works well until I have some forms
> > in my HTML code and
> > Embperl mangels for instance <option> tags by adding
> > a "selected" attribute.
> > The "selected" is not valid XML so the XSLT parses
> > complains. I tried
> > setting the optDisable* flags, but it didn't work.
> > Looking at the Changes
> > file this seems to be normal behaviour for some
> > reason.
> This is not really an Embperl problem.  Your XML,
> whether it's straight up XML, XHTML, XSL or whatever
> must be compliant.  Adjusting the processor to
> accomodate the operator defeats a main objective of
> the XML recommendation.  

But of course it is an Embperl problem, because it is not me, but Embperl
putting in the invalid stuff. I know about all the XHTML rules and follow
them but Embperl isn't. Embperl changes HTML pages behing my back, that
is the whole problem. This is one of the nice features of Embperl that it
is doing this, but in this case it leads to the problems I described.

Jochen Topf  +49-721-388298

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