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From Jarrod Stenberg <>
Subject Re: HTML mangling and XML
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 16:19:55 GMT
> I am using Embperl-2.0b8. I am feeding
> (X)HTML/Emberl-Code through a XSLT
> stylesheet. This works well until I have some forms
> in my HTML code and
> Embperl mangels for instance <option> tags by adding
> a "selected" attribute.
> The "selected" is not valid XML so the XSLT parses
> complains. I tried
> setting the optDisable* flags, but it didn't work.
> Looking at the Changes
> file this seems to be normal behaviour for some
> reason.

This is not really an Embperl problem.  Your XML,
whether it's straight up XML, XHTML, XSL or whatever
must be compliant.  Adjusting the processor to
accomodate the operator defeats a main objective of
the XML recommendation.  

This should be changed to either:
<option selected="1"/>
<xsl:attribute name="selected">1</xsl:attribute>

> btw: A very similar problem. In some
> non-reproducable cases Embperl modified
> a URL in a link which contained something like
> "" to
> "" at which
> point the XSLT parser
> complained because of the unescaped & in there.

Use &amp; instead of just &.  When it finds a &, it
expects it to be an entity: &somevalue;  


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