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From Jarrod Stenberg <>
Subject Multiple xml inputfiles?
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 14:47:19 GMT
In JSP you can do this:
        <xsl:apply xsl="/xsl/programcalendar_xml.xsl">
        <%= ServletCaller.get("getcalendarXML",props)
        <%= ServletCaller.get("getprogram",props) %>

So the xsl can chew on both xml documents that are
returned.  This is EXTREMELY handy for effectively
joining data within the XSL.  It prevents redundancy. 
It promotes portability of servlets and the servlet's
xml output in my case.  It's fantastic to have as an

Is this possible in Embperl?
I mean how would you do it with the "Execute" command:
Execute ({inputfile => 'my.xml', recipe => 'LibXSLT',
xsltstylesheet => 'posts.xsl'})


I really need to do this in order to make a current
program work in the best way I know.  For example:


The xsl gets to work on both <post> and <thread>.  So
you can do things like flag where in the thread the
post belongs within the xsl. For example:
<xsl:if select="@id=$active_id">you are

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