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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: 2.0b8: MailFormTo and strange crashes
Date Sat, 09 Nov 2002 18:53:33 GMT
Neil Gunton <> wrote:
> Hi Gerald, I think I nailed down the conflict. It's either mod_gzip, or .so
> modules in general. When I take out this line, apache seems to run ok:
>   LoadModule gzip_module libexec/
> So there seems to be some kind of conflict between Embperl and mod_gzip. This
> the only .so file which I am loading, so I don't know yet if this is
> specifically a problem with mod_gzip or with .so in general. I downloaded the
> precompiled Linux binary .so for mod_gzip, but now I guess I'll investigate
> possibility of compiling it into apache directly instead. I'll let you know if
> that works. Meanwhile, hopefully this information will be helpful...

Finally, I think I have it. The LoadModule line for mod_gzip has to be the
*last* module loaded, after all the other handlers. This was in a page I just
found on the subject:

So I tried moving the LoadModule to the end, after Embperl and the rest, and now
Apache seems to start just fine.

Mod_gzip, incidentally (for those who haven't heard of it), is a very nice
module which I found recently. It increases download speeds for people accessing
your server (particularly those with slower modems) by dynamically compressing
the content. So, for example, one of my larger Embperl pages is around the 100k
mark, but comes down to about 33k on the download. Most modern browsers support
this automatically, but if not then the content is simply not compressed. The
cpu load on the server is not noticeable, and it allows the heavy mod_perl
apache processes to spend less time waiting for slower clients to download, thus
improving server throughput. You can see the homepage at:

Thanks again for your help, Gerald!


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