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From Bernd Sokolowsky <>
Subject Re: make test error
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 10:37:32 GMT
>>>>> "al" == Andre Landwehr <> writes:

al> On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 07:04:59PM -0400, Ilia Lobsanov wrote:
>> I did make install anyway. Now `apachectl configtest` gives
>> segmentation fault. The culprit is "PerlModule Embperl"

al> I finally decided not to let the "apachectl configtest" error
al> bother me. I just started apache with "/etc/init.d/apache start"
al> and it worked... certainly not the clean solution but at the
al> moment the easiest one ;-) As I understood Angus (the package
al> maintainer) might have a look at perl 5.8 issues while Gerald is
al> too busy, so we might soon have an official 2.0b8 package
al> available.


I also had this segmentation fault (running httpd -t -f .../httpd.conf)
in this environment:

SuSE 8.0 + Embperl 2.0b8 (perl 5.6.1, apache 1.3.23, mod_perl-1.26).
Only Embperl was self-compiled, the rest as it came with the distribution.

Just starting apache seems to work fine (no extensive tests yet).

Bye, Bernd.
Bernd Sokolowsky @ the job

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