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From Andre Landwehr <>
Subject Recordset: only one PrimKey field possible?
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 17:07:44 GMT
can it possibly be that the !PrimKey directive only works for a
single field primary key? 
I tried to do sth. like '!PrimKey'=>'field1, field2',
'field1'=>$fdat{val1}, 'field2'=>$fdat{val2} and used
Recordset->Execute with '=update' directive, but that did not
work. Then I introduced an id field to the database table and
changed the code to '!PrimKey'=>'id', 'id'=>$fdat{id} and the
whole thing worked...
Is that behaviour expected or do I have some other weird error in
my code?


"The inside of a computer is as dumb as hell, but it goes like mad!"
(Physicist Richard Feynman)

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