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Subject curious error related to SSI filtering (I think)
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 18:14:39 GMT

  I have an authentication handler that cleverly starts like:
	    sub handler {
		my $r = shift;
		return OK unless $r->is_initial_req;

  My server has *.epl files using (and I have been happy)
     PerlHandler Apache::EmbperlFilter Apache::SSI

  I now authenticate 2 directories with .htaccess and my handler):

where "/protect1/file.epl" has the line:
   <!--#flastmod virtual="/protect2/other.html" -->

THe error I am getting is:
    [error] Can't locate object method "is_initial_req" via package "Apache::AUTHtest" at

  Now if I change the main file to  "file.shtml" (pulling the embperl stuff)
everything works and no error.  I would be content to do
	if ($r is not correct request object) { return OK  }

I.e. am happy to not authenticate these SSI tests.  But can't figure out
what the $r being passed is or what is wrong??

  Suggestions and/or help welcome.  THanks,
     Bob Waldstein

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