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From "Powers, Dean" <>
Subject Apache::src not available during Embperl Install
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2002 19:27:05 GMT
The thread is at this point:

> The change you suggested (eval 'use Apache_*2*_::BuildConfig' ) wasn't
> enough to find the module.  I would have needed to change
> it to Apache2::Apache::BuildConfig, but then the change would be
> necessary for every module accessed from the Apache:: reference in
> Makefile.PL.   So, I tried adding PERL5LIB to the INC search path and
> left the rest alone.
> MP_AP_PREFIX defaults to /usr/local/apache2 unless it is overriden.
APXS_INCLUDEDIR didn't exist in the modules.  I searched for
something that would work, and selected the default prefix for Apache 2.0.

Thanks for the feedback. I try to incooparte these infos into the next
release so it hopefully works out of the box


So.......what is the interim fix.

I'm installing Embperl 2.0b8 on Apache 2.0 (httpd-2.0.42) Perl 5.8.0  and

Apache2 is running
Mod_perl is running

When I try to install Embperl 2.0b8 I get the message that it can't find the
Apache Source.

I've make the fix to the Makefile.PL described above but I'm confused by the
reference to "adding PERL5LIB
to the INC search path". How is this done, in what file?

Gerald, could you  list (for arelative newbie) what has to be done, in which
files, to get Embperl 2.08B installed in this environment.



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