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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Embperl 2.0b9-dev3
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 07:03:41 GMT
> I am seeing reference to the upcoming 2.09 release of Embperl on the
> list and was wondering where I might obtain a copy of it.  I attempted
> to use the lastest from CVS, but it didn't seem to contain all the files
> needed for a correct compile.  I am most interested in the patches to
> the [$ sub $] process that effect correct operation under 5.8

You need to checkout branch Embperl2c e.g.

cvs co -r Embperl2c embperl

I am in the progress to move this version to the HEAD revision so this will
not be necessary in the future anymore.

Let me know if it fixes your sub problem. I think it should.

> On a side note, are there any books in the works for Embperl?

I am working on a german version of a book about Embperl. Unfortunately
there is no progress at the moment, because of my limited time. When it's
ready it maybe gets translated into english.


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