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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Getting embperl to work with mod_perl
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 05:55:00 GMT
Hi, there:
> I made sure the embperl test/ dir was chmod 777 user and group both
> nobody.

... and now we have a different problem:

> [-1][Sun Oct 13 21:07:13 2002] [notice] Digest: done

make test doesn't like this notice, also it isn't an error. Just run make
test with

make test TESTARGS="-i"

this will ignore this message. As long as you don't see any other errors
everything is fine

> I noticed that the pid being used to start httpd isn't to be the
> pid that is actually running httpd.
> Do I need to kill the apache process first? Where is make test getting the
> pid number for httpd?

make test starts (and stops) it's own httpd, so you don't see it afterwards
in the ps listing. You don't need to stop the httpd, because make test is
using another port.


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