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From "Justin Harrison" <>
Subject Namespace/scope issue?
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 19:12:52 GMT

I have an embperl webpage and I am executing another piece of code into
it like this:

		[- $new_code = Execute ({'object' => '',syntax =>
		$result = $new_code->subroutine -]


Sub subroutine {
Use morecode;


Inside morecode:

Sub  subroutine_inmorecode {


Sub subroutine_inmorecode1 {



At no point do I declare any packages, etc.

I use the same kind of code elsewhere and it works fine:

I execute module as Perl, call a sub routine in the module using
$code->subroutine, and that subroutine then uses the exact same module,
("morecode") and it can call it fine..

Any ideas?


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