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From "Jordan Baker" <>
Subject sub-execute %fdat SEGV
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 20:13:03 GMT
Embperl 2.0b8/2.0b9-dev3, Apache 1.3.26, mod_perl 1.27

I want to pass the fdat parameters to a sub-file using Execute. Under
HTML::Embperl 1.34 this worked by passing the fdat parameter in Execute.
In fact I believe you don't even need to specify it, it gets passed by
Anyway the important thing is... it worked under 1.34.

The problem is INPUT and TEXTAREA are not being populated with %fdat
values in the subform.

When I do a dump of %fdat they are there though.

This is on both 2.0b8 and 2.0b9-dev3

Another issue:

I have an EPL file which is trying to Execute another EPL and I’m
getting a SEGV. It only happens when I try to pass the fdat parameter.

Like so:  [- Execute({inputfile => 'subform.epl', fdat => $fdat }) -]

Actually.. having examined my own code I realize now that I was passing
an undef value for fdat so this is most likely why its crashing. I
should have written \%fdat.

Here's the backtrace:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x405a910f in Embperl__Component__Param_new_init (obj=0x8b627fc,
item=0x8b61f28, overwrite=0)
    at Param.xs:142
#1  0x40572cfc in embperl_SetupComponent (r=0x8b62734,
pPerlParam=0x8e25784, ppComponent=0xbfffec54)
    at epinit.c:1807
#2  0x4056561f in embperl_ExecuteComponent (r=0x8b62734,
pPerlParam=0x8e25784) at epmain.c:1486
#3  0x405ae2c3 in XS_Embperl__Req_execute_component (cv=0x8aadef8) at
#4  0x404ec5a1 in Perl_pp_entersub () from /usr/lib/
#5  0x404e6411 in Perl_runops_standard () from /usr/lib/
#6  0x4049eb2c in perl_call_sv () from /usr/lib/
#7  0x4049e89e in perl_call_sv () from /usr/lib/
#8  0x4056b908 in EMBPERL2_CallStoredCV (r=0x8b62734, sArg=0x0,
pSub=0x8bce038, numArgs=1,
    pArgs=0xbfffef5c, flags=0, pRet=0xbfffef68) at epeval.c:735
#9  0x405876e6 in embperl_Execute2 (r=0x8b62734, xSrcDomTree=2,
pCV=0x8bce038, pResultDomTree=0x8b62894)
    at epcomp.c:1812
#10 0x40587b3b in embperl_Execute (r=0x8b62734, xSrcDomTree=2,
pCV=0x8bce038, pResultDomTree=0x8b62894)
    at epcomp.c:1922

Jordan Baker 

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