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From "Justin Harrison" <>
Subject Embperl problem?
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 21:22:47 GMT

I am having a small difficulty.

When a user loads a page it checks for certain conditions. If these
conditions are not met, it redirects the user with this code:

[- $redirecturl = $ENV{HTTP_HOST} . $ENV{REQUEST_URI} -]

[- $http_headers_out{'Location'} =
"http://whatever/script2.embperl?redirect=http://$redirecturl" -]

The problem is that if the documented was requested with a query string,
and the query string had multiple parameters, for example:

http://whatever/script1.embperl?cat=1&jesus=2, when it redirects it to
script2, with this URL Format:
?cat=1&jesus=2, embperl seems to get confused? And $fdat{redirect} is
empty on script 2?


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